Card Operated ​Self Service Laundromat in Manhattan

631 Wash and Load is a new self service laundry in Manhattan. The facility is beautiful, and the machines are new. Our self-service laundry has all Speed Queen machines that are state of the art. Our 15 washing machines offer three cycles: Light wash ($3.00), Medium Wash ($3.25) and Heavy-duty wash ($3.50). We have 16 dryers that charge $2 for a 31-minute dry.

Washer Prices

Our 15 washing machines offer three cycles:
  • Light Wash $3.00
  • Medium Wash $3.25
  • Heavy Duty $3.50

Dryer Prices

We Have 16 total dryers in our facility
  • 31-Minute Dry $2.00


This self service laundromat in Manhattan is fully attended. There is always somebody to answer questions or to help you.

Our hours are:

Monday - Thursday7am - 9pm, with the last wash at 7:45pm.

Friday:  7am - 10pm, with the last wash at 8:45pm.

Saturday - Sunday8am - 10pm, and the last wash is at 8:45pm.


Our self service laundry in Manhattan has two televisions with Netflix, YouTube, and cable. We have a large folding table—big enough for several people to fold laundry at one time. We have ample carts making it easy to go to this self-service laundromat in Manhattan.

Although we are new with new equipment, our prices are fair and even a little below the competition for self service laundry. Come on by, you will love our facility.